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4 Ways to Protect your Pet Against Fleas

Posted on May 11 2016

Flea Season Is HereAre your pets prepared for flea season?

Spring is in the air and unfortunately, so are a great many bugs. As the weather warms up, fleas begin to emerge, looking for a mate to breed with and before long, your furry friends can fall victim to that tell-tale itch.

Fleas are not only irritating but can also cause pet health problems; if left untreated, a flea infestation can cause dogs and cats to contract a skin condition called flea allergic dermatitis, which can be distressing for your pet and for you.

Give your pets plenty of ammo in the fight against fleas this spring; there are all sorts of ways to tackle the problem pests. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to preventing fleas and dealing with insects that have already made themselves at home.

4 Ways keep your pets happy and healthy:

Use an effective spot-on

First and foremost, your pets should be protected against fleas by using an effective spot-on treatment. Spot-ons are usually administered once a month, every month of the year; failing to apply the spot-on for a period of time leaves your pet vulnerable to catching fleas. Spot-on treatments are a simple, painless way to protect your cat or dog from fleas and can be purchased from your veterinary clinic or over the counter in pet stores, supermarkets and online.

It’s worth remembering that not all flea treatments are equally effective, so do some research before you make a purchase. By choosing a prescription-only product, you can be more certain of the product’s efficacy, although these can be more expensive than over-the-counter medications. It is possible to buy a prescription from your veterinary clinic and purchase the spot-on cheaper online – just be sure of the supplier’s authenticity before handing over any cash.

Keep pet bedding clean

Fleas can enter your home through your pet, where they can be transferred to their bedding - or even to soft furnishings within your household. If you notice fleas in your pet’s bedding, or elsewhere within your home, it’s important to wash your cat or dog’s blankets - as well as anything else they may have had contact with - as soon as possible to prevent the fleas breeding further. Pet bedding can also be treated with medicated sprays and foggers, designed to kill fleas and eggs.

Many flea repellent sprays can be used around the house, with the most effective treatments keeping your furnishings flea-free for up to a year. If you wash cushion covers or curtains, or have your carpets cleaned, you’ll need to reapply the treatment afterwards for continued protection against fleas, eggs and larvae.

Maintain your yard

Fleas are often passed from animal to animal but can also be found out in the yard, especially if you frequently have visitors like feral cats, opossums and raccoons. You can lower your chances of the yard becoming a haven for fleas by discouraging unwelcome visitors, who may be attracted to your garden if you leave cat or dog food outside, or garbage bags and bins unsecured. Bring pet food bowls inside and make sure trash cans are tightly closed to avoid tempting in the local critters.

Keep the lawn mown during the warmer seasons and the hedges trimmed back, providing fewer places for fleas to hide, and think about cutting back trees or shrubs that local animals use to gain access to areas like fences, sheds or even your property, as these spots could be used to transport fleas into your home or within close proximity of your pet.

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Try natural flea-repellent shampoos and soaps

Pet owners are more and more aware of what they put on their animals’ skin; many concerned owners are moving away from artificial pet cleaning products for alternatives that are gentler to their cat or dog’s skin. Natural pet shampoo and finishing spray can be a kind way to keep pets clean without irritating their skin or eyes, and many products are enriched with ingredients that are naturally flea-repelling.

Soap.Club has a line of natural pet grooming products, including pet shampoos and bar soaps infused with lavender essential oil. Our pet shampoos and soaps are skin-kind and nourishing without the need for harsh chemicals or irritating additives. What’s more, lavender essential oil is a well-known natural flea repellent, adding an extra layer of protection for your pet every time they bathe shop at The Pet Spa.

We hope your pet enjoys our natural pet soap. Don't forget to visit the Soap.Club blog post again for more pet coat and skin care tips

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