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6 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts

Posted on April 24 2017

Every mom deserves a special Mother's Day gift. From something as simple as a long and loving hug to a luxurious gift she can enjoy, there are dozens of ways to celebrate this special day - we’ve got some fantastic ideas to help you show mom how much you care on Mothering Sunday 2017.

Celebrated around the world in more than 46 countries, Mother’s Day pays homage to moms and all that they do, as well as honoring the role of mothers in the family and their influence on society in general.

If you’re not sure how best to show Mom you care on May 14th, keep reading for gift and experience ideas to inspire you.

Something homemade

In childhood, homemade Mother’s Day gifts are among the sweetest to show mom some love. From cards and paper flowers to hand-strung bead necklaces, these sorts of presents are always welcome as they express love in such a personal way.

As an adult, if you have any crafty skills, why not put them to good use and make mom something from the heart? A fancy card with all the trimmings, pots of homemade jam, freshly baked muffins or scented candles - wherever your skills lie, you can whip up something special for mom with a bit of creative thinking.

If you haven’t the necessary skills to make a crafty gift, chances are you probably know someone who does. A crocheted flower brooch or a cupcake bouquet made by a friend can also show mom that you’ve put in a bit of extra thought when picking out the perfect present.

A pampering present

For many moms, there’s nothing better than having a soak in the tub and enjoying a bit of pampering after a long day. An uninterrupted bath is a luxury in itself but you can make this time to relax even more enjoyable with some top-quality artisanal products, like luxurious scented natural soap.

Our natural soaps are made sustainably by hand for that attention to detail that mom deserves. You can mix and match from more than 70 varieties, from fruity mango papaya to decadent mint chocolate, for a selection of scents tailored to mom’s tastes.

If you can’t decide which natural soaps to choose for Mother’s Day, take a look at our feminine soap selection for inspiration, or our Mother’s Day gift set, which comprises refreshing lemon verbena, sweet cherry almond, floral plumeria, relaxing lavender and mint and soothing honey and cream.

Her favorite meal

The majority of moms still do all the cooking at home, so, this Mother’s Day, let mom put her feet up and take over. If you know her favorite meal, pick up the ingredients and everything you’ll need for a delicious dinner.

It’s mom’s day off food preparation, peeling and cleaning up afterwards, too, so factor this into your time plans if you’re going to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

If cooking’s not your strong point, why not order mom’s favorite takeout with all the trimmings, or book a table for a family meal at her favorite restaurant? Let mom enjoy her meal by taking on duties like cutting up food for the kids and supervising toilet trips.

A fun day out

If mom is always running around after everyone else, or spends a lot of time at work, she might not often get to have much fun. What does mom like to do? For a really thoughtful Mother’s Day, plan some activities you know mom will enjoy.

You could pick out some of her favorite pastimes, such as dancing or enjoying fine food and take her to a dance workshop or a special dinner dance. Alternatively, why not have some fun with pizza making or a chocolate decorating class?

Even something as simple and cheap as packing up a picnic and heading to mom’s favorite beauty spot for a few hours of family relaxation can show how much she means to you while giving you some quality time together.

A makeover session

With little time to devote to a full beauty routine, mom may not have as much opportunity or inclination to spend time on herself in favor of the more important things in life. A makeover can be the perfect pick-me-up for moms who deserve a bit of TLC.

Stock up on face masks and cucumber slices for a homemade facial or invest in some new nail polish and give mom a mani-pedi at home. Alternatively, a spa day can be an excellent way to relax with a massage, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities - check out special offer websites and pick up a bargain break.

If mom’s wardrobe could do with a refresh, a bit of retail therapy could be just the ticket. Whether it’s a couple of new season pieces or a classic wardrobe staple, a flattering outfit can make any mom feel like a million dollars.

Your time and love

Moms are notoriously busy, multitasking and juggling home and work to meet all of their responsibilities. At home, many moms have children to look after and their fair share of housework, too, which means finding the time to relax can be difficult.

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gifts of time and love. Letting her lie in and perhaps making her breakfast in bed is a role reversal she’s sure to appreciate! If your mom lives elsewhere, make time for a long and leisurely visit, perhaps prepare drinks and snacks so she doesn’t have to, and do those long overdue odd jobs so she can relax for the day.

Don’t forget that a loving hug can make all the difference; Mother’s Day does not necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money on overblown gifts, sometimes the simplest of life’s pleasures can have the biggest impact.

We’d love to know what you’re planning for Mother’s Day - leave us a comment below!

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