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Dead Sea Mud Soap Helps “Mudders” Get Clean

Posted on July 02 2018

A Mudder getting their hands dirty.



Get Clean With Mud

For fans of the “Toughest Event on the Planet”, getting down and dirty is a big part of what Tough Mudders is all about. However, getting clean may be an issue and that’s where our dead sea mud soap can come in handy.

What is the "Tough Mudders" event?

Described as an event where the “Ironman means Burning Man”, it is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces that tests the participants’ strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. And the intensity of the event is no joke either - participants need to sign a death waiver when they enter the race. Expanding from the original 20,000 participants in 2010, the Tough Mudder is now a global phenomenon that draws about $2.5 Million people to its events worldwide.

The thrilling race is different because unlike other obstacle courses, the Tough Mudder is a group activity where people complete the race together with their team in an untimed race. It hinges on the idea that when competing within a team, people can achieve the feeling of being part of something that’s bigger than themselves - inspiring them to be braver, stronger, and more than the sum of their parts.

The obstacles include a field of live electrical wires that participants touch as they run through it. One is called the Arctic Enema. A tiny number of participants have experienced massive diarrhea, electrical injuries, and even, in one case, death as a consequence of participation.

People running the race get lost in the thrill of chasing these obstacles and, in the process, get incredibly dirty - caked with mud, blood, and all kinds of disgusting things. However, instead of letting their skincare routine go lax, we recommend Mudders to continue with the spirit of the Tough Mudder and use mud to get their skin clean.



Why Use Dead Sea Mud Soap?

We’re talking about our handmade dead sea mud soap bars - enriched with the goodness of essential oils and other natural ingredients, this cold-pressed soap is primarily made of natural dead sea mud, an ingredient renowned for its skin rejuvenation properties.

Packed full of rich nutrients, sea salt & minerals that are known to change the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle while helping soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin, which is associated with eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. It is further enriched with coconut oil, a natural ingredient that is known for its healing properties for the skin.

The Dead Sea is the world’s largest natural mineral water spa bath. It is at the site of the lowest land on earth not covered by the oceans. Legend has it that King Solomon brought the Queen of Sheba to bathe in its waters and that she ascribed magical rejuvenating powers to having its rich, black mud massaged into her skin; we now understand that this fine mud enters the skin’s pores and removes dirt and oil as well as removing tiny dead skin flakes, leaving the skin silky smooth and impeccably clean.

One of the main reasons why dead sea mud is so effective is that it dries on the skin and during the process, pulls out all its impurities from within the pores. It also helps with cell regeneration by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The mud works as a perfect detoxifying agent by removing dirt and oil without disturbing the skin’s natural pH levels and moisture content.


Special Offer for Mudders!

Participants of the Tough Mudder races stand a chance to enjoy our collection of cold pressed, handmade soaps with natural ingredients for free. With our “Get Clean With Mud” campaign, Mudders can send us post-race pictures of themselves - at their muddiest best! The person with the muddiest picture stands a chance to win about $100 worth of cold-pressed soaps created exclusively by’s soaps can be easily used in the place of liquid soap, gel shampoo or even shaving cream and do not contain any sulfates, parabens, preservatives, petroleum products and animal products. To learn more about and their range of natural soap bars, visit their official website here -

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