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White Tea and Ginger Natural Soap Recipe

Posted on April 23 2017

The warm scent of ginger combines with delicate white tea in our Ginger Zen Zone Natural Soap, which captures the appeal of the Orient and brings it straight to your home.

Try our cold process soap recipe for White Tea and Ginger Soap and create your very own Zen moments every day - the perfect pick-me-up when you need to unwind and rejuvenate. Find out why ginger and white tea make the perfect combination.

The Benefits of Ginger and White Tea

Ginger is packed with benefits, especially for your skin. Boosting blood circulation, ginger can help keep cellulite at bay and improve skin tone. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of this spicy root are also associated with improving symptoms of acne and killing the bacteria responsible for breakouts.

What’s more, ginger contains an abundance of antioxidants, which can help fight dangerous free radicals. Applied to the skin, ginger is also a popular natural remedy for fading scars and pock marks.

White tea, meanwhile, is renowned for its antioxidant levels, as well its ability to help protect the skin against UV damage. Naturally antibacterial, white tea can ward off germs, as well as promote a more youthful complexion; stimulating important enzymes, white tea helps support the efficiency of collagen and elastin, responsible for keeping skin springy and wrinkle-free.

White Tea and Ginger Soap Recipe

Using fresh ginger and brewed white tea, this recipe makes about 3 lbs of natural soap, so why not gift some to family and friendly if you have a few bars spare?


Protective glasses
Rubber gloves
Soap mold
Cardboard mold lid
Large enamel/stainless steel pot
Microplane/box grater and cheesecloth or a juicer
Weighing scales
Two large plastic pitchers
Hand stick blender
Two thermometers
Wooden spoons
Measuring cup
Freezer paper
An old blanket or large rag


20 oz coconut oil
16 oz olive oil
4 oz shea butter
5 oz avocado oil
12 oz brewed white tea, cooled
7.2 oz lye
¼ cup fresh ginger pulp


1. Brew 12 oz of white tea and set to one side to cool. Cut the freezer paper to size and line your soap mold.

2. Prepare the ginger by rinsing and using a microplane grater, box grater and cheesecloth or juicer to blend into a pulp. If using a juicer, adding a small amount of water will help the blending process. There’s no need to peel the ginger.

3. Put on your safety glasses and rubber gloves. Weigh out the lye and add to the cooled white tea, stirring continuously. The lye will need to heat up, so set it to one side in a safe place.

4. Next, weigh out the oils and shea butter and add to your enamel or steel pot. Heat and stir until the shea butter has melted and the oils have combined.

5. When both the oils and the lye mixture have reached a temperature of 90 - 95 degrees F, add the lye solution to the oils and stir continuously. Switch to the stick blender for a few minutes to bring the soap batter to a light trace.

6. At this point, add the ginger pulp and continue to mix - if the pulp is still very coarse, use the stick blender to puree the ginger a little more.

7. After a few more minutes the soap batter should start leaving tracks, which means full trace has been achieved. Pour the mixture into your soap mold, cover with the cardboard lid and place the blanket on top. Leave covered for 24 hours.

8. After a full day has passed, remove the soap from the mold and cut to the desired size. Soaps should then be left to cure for around six weeks - this will ensure a firm, long-lasting bar of quality natural soap. Enjoy!

Did you try our recipe for White Tea and Ginger Natural Soap? Let us know in the comments below! Come back soon for more all-natural cold process soap recipes!

Please note - Soap.Club receives a high daily volume of recipes and cannot test every recipe received, so please refer to the recipe above for guidance only. Take care when using lye!
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