Natural Pet Grooming Products: Pets Need Pampering Too!

Posted on August 25 2016

Making bath-time fun for Pets

Your furry friends are members of your family and, as such, require time and attention just like every other household member. Tasked with taking care of their day-to-day needs, you’ll know better than anyone when your pets are in need of a little TLC – with specially designed natural pet grooming products, your canine companion or feline friend can be pampered to perfection.

For many pets, bath-time means just one thing: time to hide. Generic pet grooming products vary in quality and some contain ingredients that can irritate your furry family member’s skin or eyes, which is enough to make them run for cover when they hear the taps turn on. With the right products, however, bath-time can become an enjoyable experience and tolerated well by your pets.

Soap.Club’s line of superior natural bath and body products have been extended to cater for cats and dogs in the same way as it addresses the needs of customers: by providing top-quality cleansing and nourishment with only natural ingredients for a luxurious, non-irritating experience.

Natural pet grooming products may be a bit pricier than the generic offerings on the market but the benefits make up for the extra cents spent. In many cases, dog and cat shampoos are marketed as natural but contain only a tiny amount of non-artificial extracts, and are often made with irritating chemicals that can make washing a painful process for pets. Keep reading to find out how Soap.Club pet grooming products can turn bath-time around for your cat or dog.



Hypoallergenic and tearless

Natural pet grooming products are made with ingredients derived from nature, including essential aromatherapy oils that are nourishing to your pet’s skin and fur without causing irritation. Even cats and dogs with sensitive coats can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience, which will leave their skin moisturized and their fur glossier and more manageable. Soap.Club’s pet grooming products are also non-irritating to the eyes, so if you accidentally splash a little product into your pet’s eyes, it won’t have any negative results – unlike other generic pet products, our line is gentle enough for use on pets with skin conditions like eczema.

Deodorizing and luxurious

From time to time, dogs and cats need a little help to look and smell their best. Natural pet shampoo, conditioner and finishing sprays can all help remove the build-up of oil and dirt from your pet’s coat responsible for that unmistakeable musty smell. Washing your dog or cat’s fur shouldn’t be too regular an occurrence, as their natural oils are important skin conditioners and protectors, but when your pet takes a bath be sure to use the quality products they deserve. To combat any nasty niffs in-between washes, a finishing spray can counter the pungent pong while feeding your pet’s skin and coat with nourishing nutrients.


Made with natural ingredients

Unlike many other pet grooming products, Soap.Club’s pet shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray are made with an array of ingredients derived from nature. Infused with calming camomile, nourishing sunflower oil and soybean protein, our pet shampoo and conditioner also contains soothing and cooling aloe to hydrate your pet’s skin. Many of the same natural ingredients can be found in our finishing spray, which is skin-kind yet sublimely fragranced and contains additional extracts of rose and hibiscus as well as a little lavender to soothe your furry friend’s skin and senses.


Free from GMOs

The ingredients in our pet shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray are grown and sourced ethically and we use only the highest-grade organic oils for our pet product lines, just like the ranges we create for our human customers. Because we use only the best-quality ingredients, you can be rest assured our products are free from GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. GMOs are created through artificial engineering for various reasons; in plant cultivations, GMOs are often used to create bigger or longer-lasting plants than their natural counterparts. At Soap.Club, we market our pet grooming products as natural because they truly are made from a variety of plant extracts.

Made in the USA

Soap.Club is based in the USA and our pet grooming products are also made here. We believe in sustainability and supporting our nation’s economy; although undoubtedly it would be cheaper to outsource ingredients from another country, Soap.Club prides itself in providing quality goods and knowing exactly where our ingredients are sourced from, and how. This means our services never suffer and we can always guarantee the best products for our customers.


Calming and naturally bug-repellent

Bath-time can be stressful for many cats and dogs; our line of pet grooming products is specially designed to cleanse your feline friends and canine companions without causing undue anxiety. Our tearless formulations means the products don’t cause unnecessary irritation to pets, while the gentle natural formulation cools and soothes the skin. The lavender extract is relaxing and helps in calming pets’ nerves. What’s more, our pet grooming products are naturally bug-repellent, keeping your pets happier for longer without that tell-tale itch to irritate their skin. Don’t forget to use your regular spot-on or flea treatment too.

At Soap.Club, we love our pets like family and we know you do too. Your pet deserves a bit of pampering every now and then, so make sure the products you use are kind to their delicate skin and coat. We don’t compromise on quality – all Soap.Club products are made to the highest standards with natural organic ingredients that won’t irritate even the most sensitive of skins. Based in the USA, all our ingredients are grown to national guidelines and we don’t use GMO modified crops. Instead, we’re proud to produce totally natural pet grooming goods alongside our range of natural soaps and bath and body products. Take a closer look at our cat and dog shampoos, conditioners and finishing sprays at Soap.Club's Pet Spa.

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