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Posted on June 26 2018



Today (date) exclusive soapers community Soap.Club is excited to announce the launch of its latest luxury solid soap – Dead Sea Mud Minerals, which is packed with pore-purifying natural goodness to replenish and regenerate skin cells.

Dead Sea mud is known the world over for its therapeutic qualities; containing more than 26 minerals, this magic mud provides a wealth of skin-saving benefits, from improving texture to helping achieve a more radiant complexion. Infused in our Dead Sea Mud Minerals Natural Soap and accompanying body treatments, this potent mud gets to work deep inside the skin, nourishing and cleansing pores.

Popular since Biblical times when it became one of the world’s first health resorts, the Dead Sea has long attracted attention for the mineral-rich content of its waters - potassium, calcium and magnesium and therapeutic salts are among the compounds present in the Dead Sea. These minerals are filtered through to the renowned mud, enriching and infusing the substance with nutrients, which are released with every use of Soap.Club’s Dead Sea soap products.

The beauty-boosting benefits of Dead Sea Mud are far-reaching:

  • Natural salts help balance oil levels, removing excess sebum and keeping skin grease-free
  • The hydrating mud moisturizes and firms skin, preventing cellulite and stretch marks
  • Oxygen flow to the skin’s surface is boosted for a more radiant complexion
  • Acne-causing bacteria is repelled, keeping skin clear and free of pimples

Dead Sea Mud is also used to manage a variety of skin conditions; the mineral-rich mud hydrates dry skin without irritation, smoothing roughness and reducing the symptoms of ailments like psoriasis. Drawing out toxins and unclogging pores, Dead Sea Mud can also be beneficial for problem skin prone to breakouts.

Connie Farrar, executive sales manager of Soap.Club, commented: “Dead Sea Mud is an undisputed beauty champion, hydrating and firming the skin while cleansing pores for a clearer complexion. The pairing of this medicinal mud with Soap.Club’s all natural ingredients is just perfect – the combination of vitamin-rich olive and coconut oil, shea butter and Dead Sea Mud makes for potent skin protection and perfection.

“We’re delighted to launch our Dead Sea Mud Minerals Natural Soap, which is available to buy in single bars from our Scent Store, as well as in value packs of three from our dedicated Amazon Shop. Additionally, we’ve created a Dead Sea Mud Home Spa Treatment for our most discerning customers, comprising three bars of our luxury Dead Sea soap, a Dead Sea Mud facial and body treatment and a Dead Sea body polish salt scrub. Of course, this exclusive package also includes a month’s free membership to our unique community of soap lovers.”’s Dead Sea Mud Minerals Natural Soap and related products are made from organic natural oils, butters and salts, free from drying detergents and harsh artificial ingredients. To find out more, visit

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About Soap.Club

Soap.Club are purveyors of natural soaps and bathing products. A small, family-run business based in Canada, Soap.Club sources only the finest organic ingredients through ethical trading partnerships, prioritizing quality and sustainability. The family was inspired by the beauty and culture of the Hawaiian Islands during a family vacation in early 2014. On the Big Island, they found an old-fashioned cold process artisan soap maker who told them about the difference soap can make in a person’s everyday life. Back on the mainland, they set out to provide the best quality natural soap and help people relax, recover and rejuvenate every day.


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Contact: Connie Farrar
Phone: 844-SOAP-CLUB (762-7258)


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